Year 5 Fun in the Sun at Porthpean Camp!!

What an amazing three days year 5 experienced under canvas at Porthpean camp, near St.Austell.  Pupils were lucky enough to experience climbing, archery, zooming down a zip wire and flying off the ‘leap of faith!’  The second day was an entire beach day where pupils could choose to do two of three exciting activities. These were: kayaking, raft canoeing and (for the very adventurous!!) coasteering! Everyone had a super sunny time and resilience was shown in abundance.  Thanks to all at Porthpean Outdoor Education Centre for a memorable time! Take a look at the photo gallery below for more….

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  1. Mrs Lucas
    Mrs Lucas says:

    What a fantastic experience we all had- myself included!!! :)

    Thanks to all Year 5 for making it such a great time from Mrs Lucas!

  2. Caitlin
    Caitlin says:

    Year 5 camp was awesome. The activity I liked the best was beach day because I got to go in a kayak with Kezia which I was very happy about

  3. Daniel Lynch
    Daniel Lynch says:

    WOW! camp was absolutely amazing, and the jumping off rocks was scary but fun. The leap of faith was even more scary. Archery was awesome and I even got a bullseye! Jacob ladder was so high and I thought Toby doing the splits on top of it was hilarious! :) :) ;) ;)

  4. Lucy Merry
    Lucy Merry says:

    WOW.. CAMP..

    Climbing jacobs ladder was hard but it was a good team work challenge.
    Archery was amazing. Mrs Lucas got a bullseye!
    The beach day was fantastic because we could choose what activity we wanted to do!
    Cornish dancing was fun but very hot!!
    Disco was brilliant we did the FAST macarena and the s l o w macarena.

  5. tracey bolton
    tracey bolton says:

    camp looked fantastic, glad Jacob enjoyed his ladder!!!! glad yr 5 had a great trip away next stop…………..LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!


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