Year 3 Rocks (and Soils!!)

In our quest to become Super Scientists Year 3 are currently learning about different types of rocks and soils, their properties and uses. We were really lucky to have help today with our learning from a real life geologist, Scientist Sam, who visited our classes and told us all about how exciting rocks can be and passed on his passion and enthusiasm for all things sparkly and rocky. He taught us about how different types of rock are made, where they come from and their important uses. We even discovered that right here in Cornwall there is a type of rock called Serpentine which is totally unique to the Lizard and can’t be found anywhere else in the world!! Amazing.

Thanks to Scientist Sam’s wealth of knowledge and inspiring visit there are definitely some budding geologists in Year 3 and we can use our new found understanding to investigate rocks and soils further and become Super Scientists ourselves.


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