Y5 Junior Lifeskills

Year 5 had an interesting experience last Thursday at Cornwall Council’s Junior Lifeskills event, which was held at Penzance Fire Station. In small groups, the children moved around a carousel of activities designed to make them think about how to keep themselves as safe as possible in the world around them. The children explored the importance of wearing seatbelts in cars, developed their understanding of the dangers of railway lines, learned about the best places for smoke alarms in homes and practised some basic first aid. Of course, it would have been a shame to have visited the fire station and not squirted some water so the children were thrilled to be able to work as a team to connect a hose to a fire hydrant, through a fire engine, then aim the water at the second floor window of the training tower! Many thanks to all the organisations who attended and well done to the children who participated enthusiastically and asked thoughtful questions throughout.

Mr Luke and Mrs Rehaag


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