Y5 Cornwall Regimental Museum

All of Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed our recent visit to Cornwall’s Regimental Museum, where we learnt about Cornwall’s military history, with a special focus on WW1. This museum is a treasure of artefacts, uniforms and information, just waiting to be discovered! Each group immersed themselves in a ‘WW1 trench’ experience, which included time to try on genuine war helmets, handle entrenching tools, step up to the ‘fire-step’ and much more. (The autumnal weather certainly added to the atmosphere in the ‘trench’.) We learnt about Cornish heroes and heroines from the war period and discussed what we thought made them heroic. In addition, we excitedly hunted for WW1 campaign medals (known as Pip, Squeak and Wilfred) around the museum and carefully sketched our findings. Surprisingly, the highest order medal, which was the Victoria Cross, was certainly not the shiniest! In addition, we searched through authentic WW1 diaries and were amazed at the detailed accounts.

We would all like to thank the knowledgeable staff at the museum for their fantastic tours and workshops and Cornwall Heritage Trust for generously funding the cost of our coach journey.

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