Y4 Telegraph Museum

Year 4 enjoyed a fascinating visit to the Porthcurno Telegraph Museum on Friday 14th November. We learned about the importance of communication in World War 1 and examined real artifacts and replica objects to deepen our understanding of what life was like at that time. The pupils enjoyed the chance to try on a close-fitting gas mask and struggle under the weight of the heavy webbing worn by the British soldiers in the First World War. Using a trench periscope, dressing in Red Cross outfits while improvising stretchers from broom handles and clothing, building electrical circuits in order to send morse code messages and studying weapons like rifles and bayonets were other highlights of our action packed day.  Furthermore, we explored just how involved local people were in the war effort, in many different roles. Remarkably, we discovered that one of our current Year 4 boys now lives in the house that used to be home to one of our St Ives war heroes! The day was full of hands-on learning which enhanced our recent learning in class.

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