Y4 Steady Hand Games

A huge thank you to all the staff from the DT department at the secondary school for providing us with a fun and challenging day! Y4 were challenged to create ‘Volcano Steady Hand Games’ which were as tricky to make as they are to play. Starting in the electronics room, we were shown how to connect electrical components to make a buzzer and light circuit. After working out the correct order for the circuit to work we then learnt how to solder each join together to make our circuit permanent. Next we spent some time in the woodwork room where we used saws, rasps and sandpaper to shape the bases for our volcano game. Following that we drilled holes into the wood and bent aluminium to complete the game. Our third task was to create an aesthetic volcano backdrop to make our games look appealing to the player. Finally our electrical circuits were shrink wrapped onto our bases and our games were ready to play! Wow! We had to work hard all day long to complete our games on time – what a great achievement! 

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