Y4 Poldark Mine Trip

Dark, deep and very, very wet! SIJS’s intrepid Year 4 explorers ventured underground into Poldark mine today. Surrounded by granite rocks and narrow passage ways we experienced what life was like for Cornish tin miners. Can you believe that miners could work for twelve hour shifts and only tunnel a few centimetres?! Mining by hand was a very difficult task!

With steep steps and rain coming from the rocks (yes it was raining underground!) we had to move carefully and keep close together. Unfortunately we didn’t see any ‘Knockers’ (Cornish fairies) today but we all enjoyed panning for gems and bringing our precious boxes home with us.

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  1. RubyBarker
    RubyBarker says:

    Guess what you can even get married down mines! We went into the wedding Chamber and discovered that there was a working underground postbox!


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