Y4 Delaware Camp

WOW – what a fun-filled 3 days! The 4 main activities; canoeing, mountain biking, rock climbing and archery proved challenging and adrenaline-fuelled for both children and teachers. With each activity lasting half a day and led by a specialist, the children were able to refine their talents and for some take on a completely new range of skills. Paddling through a Lake on Kit Hill, we battled against each other to win ball games and challenges, by the end there were few dry clothing items in sight!….whether it was accidental falling overboard or jumping in at the end!

The resilience and determination shown on the Delaware field while mountain biking was fantastic, it is great to see children who had never ridden a bike before, whizzing around the field by the end. Archery, the less active of the activities proved just as competitive and enjoyable, many children beat the teacher’s scores and received maximum points! It was nice to hear the Delaware staff commenting on the terrific teamwork of the children when faced with a challenge, such as carrying many heavy canoes and climbing a sheer rock face.

It was clear to see the children had fun and exerted all of their energy throughout the day when they were tucked up in bed by 8pm! Thank you to all staff who went and Mrs Smith for being the Delaware night owl!

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