Y4 Chocolate Launch Day

Delicious CHOCOLATE everywhere! In year 4 this week we launched our new IPC topic that we’ve all been waiting for……CHOCOLATE! We all received Golden Tickets when we arrived at school which invited us to a Choc-tastic Chocolate Day and it fulfilled all our expectations with chocolate taking over both classes. All in the name of learning of course!

With our chocolate-filled brains, we headed down town to ‘I should Coco’ where we met chocolatier, Andrea in her chocolate kitchen and shop. We could smell the chocolate all around us, dark, white and our favourite milk chocolate. We learnt all about the process of ‘Making Chocolate from bean to bar’ with Andrea taking us through each vital part of the process and we got to feel and taste the ingredients that make our favourite chocolate bars. Melting chocolate flowed in her chocolate kitchen and the best part was being able to dip biscuits into melted chocolate – mouth-watering!

Returning to school, we used our favourite chocolate bars to produce pop art drawings inspired by Andy Warhol and got our taste buds tingling with even more chocolate tasting of some of our favourite chocolate bars, including Kit Kat, Mars, Snickers, Dairy Milk and Crunchie. Being chief tasters we learnt how to taste carefully and discussed our likes and dislikes. A taste sensational day was had by all!


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