Y4 Ancient Greek Day

Last week children in Year 4 took part in an ‘Ancient Greek day’.  The costumes looked fantastic and lots of children used ideas from characters and myths that they had learned about.  In the morning the children took part in a range of activities such as shield and mask making. The children took inspiration from different Ancient Greek designs, myths and legends and were really creative with their designs .

They also designed and made Ancient Greek laurel wreaths. They spent great time and care cutting out individual leaves and sticking them onto their wreaths. Some of the children painted theirs gold.

In the afternoon, an Ancient Greek banquette was prepared for the children, consisting of traditional Greek foods such as black and green olives, dates,pitta bread, dried apricots and goat cheese. The children were encouraged to try different foods and really enjoyed sampling these traditional Greek foods. Following this the children went outside to participate in Ancient Olympic style games outside which included javelin throwing.

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