Y3 St Ives Museum

On Thursday, year 3 visited St Ives museum to discover more about the town’s heritage as a renowned fishing port. Mr Stevens gave us a compelling tour of the fishing exhibition including a mock up of a pilchard curing cellar. Children carried gurries (the boxes built by law to regulation size to hold 1000 pilchards) and baskets strapped to their foreheads as the fisher girls would have done 100 years ago. We watched silent cine films that showed us the reality of fishing in a pre-motorised age and the swarms of seagulls that used to feast on the fish remains. Despite the rain, everyone remained curious and cheerful. Year 3 returned to school looking like they’d spent a long night at sea but with a wealth of historical facts up their sleeves to fascinate you with.

Many thanks to Mr and Mrs Stevens for giving us such a warm welcome.

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