Y3- Royal Cornwall Museum

Year 3 embarked on a historical adventure on Thursday 26th February when we visited the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro. Pupils were able to handle genuine Ancient Egyptian artefacts including tiny amulets which would have been wrapped among the bandages on a mummy and a flint tool which was 7000 years old! Exploring the Ancient civilisations gallery we discovered how large a sarcophagus really is, that Ancient Egyptians even mummified their cats and more about their daily life. The highlight for many of us was being in the presence of mummified Iset Tayef Nakht, who was a priest from the Temple of Al Karnack.  Pupils came up with a whole range of thought provoking questions and everybody took part in a dramatic production based on Iset Tayef Nakht’s journey to the afterlife and the Gods and Goddesses who assisted his journey.

The second half of the visit was based around what was happening in Cornwall during the time of the ancient Egyptian civilisation. We discovered and learnt about Iron Age and Bronze Age artefacts and compared them to life in Ancient Egypt. Year 3 all had time to explore other parts of the museum such as habitats and minerals both of which will link to future learning this year.

A fascinating and information filled day which has inspired us to find out even more about Ancient Egyptian life.

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  1. Alexis
    Alexis says:

    Maya came home and said that it was the best trip that she had ever been on at St Ives Junior School. She also came home with a brain full of facts about the Ancient Egyptians.


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