Y3 Plymouth Trip 2013

WOW!!!! Year 3 enjoyed an amazing trip to Plymouth including a captivating sleepover in a room full of fish, eels, crabs … and sharks! After an exciting two hour bus ride, we then had the chance to put our 3Fit and PE circuit training to good use on a long walk to Plymouth Hoe, where a picnic lunch was enjoyed in warm sunshine and with a wonderful coastal view. After a short play and explore of the area, it was time for a game of ten pin bowling and an ice cream, when the children’s collaborative and turn-taking skills were much in evidence. Having worked up a healthy appetite,  the delicious pizzas and breads in Pizza Express were just what was needed! Thankfully, the staff there were well prepared for a group of 66 hungry explorers arriving at the same time and in return our children fully deserved the praise from the manager for their polite, friendly behaviour. Once the National Marine Aquarium had closed its doors to the general public for the day, it was time for them to welcome the excited, enthisiastic SIJS students. A fun-filled educational evening was provided by the knowledgeable team there, including a twilight tour of the whole aquarium, interactive talks to learn fascinating facts about the different animals, fun in the soft play and a dramatic (if rather wet!) 4D cinema experience. Finally, at a quarter to midnight, the children sank into their sleeping bags in front of the massive tank holding many different species of ocean life. To help the children settle, a movie was projected onto a screen dropped down in front of the tank and a midnight snack of popcorn and ice cream was much appreciated! Waking up in a dim room to the peaceful sounds of water lapping gently and the spell-binding sight of all the fascinating animals in the tank moving so gracefully through the depths proved a memorable experience for all. Following a fine breakfast in the aquarium’s café, overlooking the waking harbour, it was time to leave Plymouth for a slightly quieter bus trip home!

A huge ‘well done’ to our Year 3 children for their enthusiasm to learn, responsible behaviour and their supportive teamwork even when very, very tired!

“It was the best day ever!” – Georgia

“Can we go again next year?” – Harrison

“The aquarium is a lovely place for children.” – Millie

“I really enjoyed it. I hope we can go again in Year 4!” – Luka

“It’s really good and I want to go again!” – Rebecca

“It was epic!” – Ruby

“It was amazing, especially the conger eel!” – Grace

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  1. Joel Care
    Joel Care says:

    I would want to go again just less on the bus! It was amazing – the facts I learned,the questions I asked and how much fun I had.

  2. vicky trevorrow
    vicky trevorrow says:

    Looks like you all had great fun. Lots of exhausted but very happy children!
    Can you arrange a trip for all the mums and dads??

  3. Noah lennon
    Noah lennon says:

    I really enjoyed the trip, especially at Pizza Express when Scott was flipping the pizzas in the air. Also, seeing the sharks. I want to go again in year 4 for 3 nights!

  4. Gill Scott Anderson
    Gill Scott Anderson says:

    What an amazing fish-tastic time you all had at the aquarium!
    Sounds like lots of fun and learning!

  5. Mrs Shaw
    Mrs Shaw says:

    Year 3 you were all amazing, you were a credit to the school and it was a pleasure to be part of your school camp, I had a fantastic time!

  6. Razia Ahmed
    Razia Ahmed says:

    This is great trip! THE BEST TRIP EVER! A big thanks to the staff. A Good day. I wish I was there! Can they go again soon?! I just what to say a massive thank you for going!!!!!!!

  7. Karen O'dell
    Karen O'dell says:

    Looks like a lot of fun was had. Great photos. I’d like to say a big thank you to all the staff for arranging it and for looking after them on their first overnight school trip.


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