Y3 Mathematicians Explain All

Mrs Brown, a past SIJS teacher, requested the help of our year 3 mathematicians for her new school! She needed help in explaining the wide range of mental strategies that can be used, depending on the calculation. Finding the most effective strategy is key to getting to the correct answer in the quickest time possible. Some facts we ‘just know’ after years of practising with actual objects and playing with numbers, such as number bonds and doubles. Also, for some calculations, we apply the knowledge of known facts to help us get to the answer e.g.  near doubles. Sometimes, we can visualise the number square to support us, e.g. moving down the columns on a 100 square when you add multiples of 10 and some people prefer visualising a number line, especially for the calculations that you bridge through 10 (count beyond 10) .

We hope that these short movies, filmed by our SIJS mathematicians on our new iPads, will add clarity to Mrs Brown’s children in Stoke!

Bridging from St Ives Junior School on Vimeo.

Doubling from St Ives Junior School on Vimeo.

Multiples and Near Multiples of 10 from St Ives Junior School on Vimeo.

Number Bonds from St Ives Junior School on Vimeo.

Partitioning from St Ives Junior School on Vimeo.

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  1. Mrs Watts
    Mrs Watts says:

    WOW !! Year 3 – these are AMAZING !! I loved listening to your clear and accurate explanations of your mental strategies. A truly wonderful showcase of your learning gains in class ! Thank you from Mrs Watts and all the Maths Characters!

  2. Mrs Lucas
    Mrs Lucas says:

    I am very impressed year 3!! You have certainly given us in year 5 something to think about and motivation towards our own videos :)

  3. vicky trevorrow
    vicky trevorrow says:

    Wow this is great! Well done year 3. I wish maths was this much fun when I was at school. Happy Learning!!

  4. Miss Teagle
    Miss Teagle says:

    Really impressed with your clear explanations year 3. Great filming and editing. Children (and parents!) all around the world will now benefit from your superb teaching!

  5. Trevelyan Searle
    Trevelyan Searle says:

    That was great! The video graphics were superb and were bettered only by the clever maths from the children.


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