World Science Day 2012

Year 3

Year 3 started off the morning by testing our science knowledge against other children around the world on the World Science Day website.

We also used our science skills to make great observations as we went on a habitat hunt around the school. It’s amazing what creatures live right on our doorstep! We found evidence of rabbits (holes and droppings), and found worms, woodlice, bees, ants and lots more! We then drew sketches of the habitats that they lived in and thought about why this was a good place for the organisms to live.

Year 4

Whose hand is it?? That was the question echoing around Year 4 on World Science Day as a particularly gruesome discovery was discovered in the staffroom freezer! Luckily, minds were put to rest once the children realised that it was in fact an ice hand with food colouring created to help them understand the changes in state between solids and liquids. The whole day centred around using investigative skills to identify the differences between solids and liquids and how they behave. This allowed plenty of opportunity for hands-on learning using a variety of solids and liquids, including ones that often cause confusion such as sponges, sand and honey! We also enjoyed the chance to show off our scientific knowledge through online quizzes against children from around the world.

Year 5

Who can construct the highest, most stable tower?

A question that Year 5 have endeavoured to answer today through group investigation, experimentation and perspiration!!!!
Having only a few select items to use we challenged ourselves to see which group would succeed. After one attempt (and rigorous testing including the fatal ‘wind test!’) we examined the structures that were left standing and thought to ourselves…WHY?

Reflecting on successes and difficulties and using what we had learnt, we then repeated the challenge- with interesting (and far more successful) results!!

Great learning Year 5!

Year 6

Year 6 ‘launched’ the day with a bang, building and setting off water rockets. The excitement was palpable as we increased the air pressure inside the bottles (which were about a quarter full of water) using bike pumps. When the pressure rose to the point of overcoming the force of friction which held the cork in place, we had lift off! We had a number of scientific checks and adjustments to make as not every launch was successful at first. However, we persisted and had an immense amount of fun, launching our rockets high into the sky and often getting soaked in the process. Not only did we witness Isaac Newton’s law of ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’ happening in front of our very eyes but for once, the seagulls chose to stay well away!

Next was onto bridge building! After looking at the different types of bridges from around the world and a ‘tester’ investigation into the strongest types of shapes we were challenged to build a bridge using only straws, paper, sellotape and string! Another unexpected twist was when we learned that each team had a budget of £100 and all the materials would have to be from our budget!

Finally, we learned about thrust and designed and built balloon rockets that we raced across the class room! The experiment required a lot of resilience and perseverance, but our patience and hard work paid off and we built some pretty effective rockets!

Check out the year 6 frog pages for pictures and videos from the day!

3 replies
  1. Molly Lawton
    Molly Lawton says:

    World science day was amazing!!
    I especially liked the water rockets with Mrs Mac

    Hope you all had a great day!!

  2. Mia a
    Mia a says:

    It was GREAT! Especially the water rockets with Mrs McAvoy- that was amazing. I was surprised how high they went.


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