World Book Day 2014

Year 3
Inspired by our collective love of Adam Blake’s Beast Quest, the focus of our day was … BEASTS! We explored the different BEASTS from the epic series and linked the features of their bodies and their behaviour to our ever expanding scientific knowledge. Our task was to create a beast, which would be able to live on the islands that we have created in our art project. We needed to consider their diet, appearance, behaviour and habitat in order for them to survive. We came up with terrifying beasts, which will now form the basis of our factual reports, as well as our own Beast Quest stories! In the afternoon, we enjoyed a roundabout of activities including word games, drama and a cosy read! Well done Year 3 for a fantastic day’s grappling!

Year 4 celebrated World Book Day with a bang!
Characters were quizzed, poems were crafted and points were gained in our mammoth World Book Day quiz!  For example do you know the name of the wizard at King Arthur’s court?  How about the name of the character who stole Christmas in a Dr Seuss book?  Or the author who created Tracy Beaker?

We hope you enjoy a sample of our poems below and hopefully the photos give you an insight in to what a great day we had.  Thank you for your support.

Y4 Active Planet Poems_C

Year 5
Wow! What an epic day. After exploring the many amazing characters and having our very own fashion parade, year 5 spent the morning making an extremely tough decision. Which scene to create for our ‘Tyrannosaurus Tate’ competition? A children’s book being written by local author-Farah Downing. After precisely researching the relevant settings and characters, the design and production stages took place and the results were fantastic. See for yourself below. Our days learning ended with a relaxing and social story time together with a reflection on this year’s world book day learning!  We would like to thank all parents and carers for their efforts making the super costumes!

Year 6
In year 6 we totally embraced World Book day. There were some fantastic costumes on display ranging from characters from Dr Seuss to an array of mythical beings straight out of Middle Earth. We based the entire day’s learning around books and reading. In Maths we calculated the mean, mode and median from Jaqueline Wilson books. Our English learning saw us rewriting well known traditional tales with a twist (think Cinderella but set in space!). To top the day off, we applied our recent art learning to produce line sketches of our characters. Why not pop in to class 8 and 9 to see some examples?

16 replies
  1. Eloise Horsell
    Eloise Horsell says:

    I loved the Year 4 World Book Day it was such fun. Oh by the way nice costumes everyone, you looked awesome. I can’t believe I dressed up as a Dictionary! I really enjoyed it thank you!

  2. Cian.S
    Cian.S says:

    Although I wasn’t there I heard that there were some great costumes like Mario and Puss In Boots. Wish I had been there to witness it for myself!

  3. Felix Barker
    Felix Barker says:

    World Book Day was AMAZING!! I loved all of the funky outfits! I mostly enjoyed the cat walk in assembly! Embarrassing but FUN FUN FUN!

  4. Kitty Lees
    Kitty Lees says:

    I loved the activities that we did on World Book Day! They were all really fun! Farah’s book illustrations were the best! I liked Mrs Lucas and Mrs McAvoy’s outfits most!

  5. Amy Scaddan
    Amy Scaddan says:

    I loved World book day because every one had epic costumes like ‘Where’s Wally?’, ‘Mario’ and ‘Harry Potter’ characters: every one looked great.

  6. Alexis Bailey
    Alexis Bailey says:

    All of the schools costumes were EPIC but in our year group (year five) we had a few ‘Where’s Wally and some Little Red Riding hoods…. I dressed up as Verruca Salt From Charlie and the chocolate factory. I really enjoyed it. We also did Tyrannosaurus Tate- a book we are illustrating.

  7. Michel Bennett
    Michel Bennett says:

    On World Book Day my 2nd drawing of a dinosaur- it look a bit like a Meerkat so I gave it to my mum but it was fun.

  8. Leah Barnes
    Leah Barnes says:

    World book day was such fun I can’t wait for the next one in 2015. It is all going so fast but yes it was AMAZING…


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