Viking Storytelling

Year 5 were captivated by the outrageous adventures of the Norse gods and their war with the giants during our Viking storytelling morning with Dave Oliver from Rattlebox Theatre. From bloodthirsty tales of Viking battles to hilarious accounts of Thor’s lost hammer, there was something to entertain everyone (especially the adults, who were just as engaged as the children!) It was a brilliant opportunity to consolidate our Viking learning from the term and gather inspiration to use in our learning. We can’t wait to write our own Viking stories during English this week!

Year 3 were visited by a storytelling pirate in the afternoon. The rapt audience were amazed to find out how the sea got salty with the use of a magic salt mill, how you can escape from a mermaid and how to capture a pirate. Year 3 have picked up some tips to use in their own storytelling with shadow puppets.

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