Y5 Viking Launch Day

Wow! What a ferocious bunch of Vikings we had in Year 5 on Friday! From rousing singing to creative collages, from energetic Viking raids to rune print making, Year 5 enjoyed an action packed launch day. Throughout the day, the children showed a resourceful, positive attitude and made excellent use of their teamwork skills. We finished the day with a dramatic retelling of Beowulf in the withie classroom – we can’t wait for the children to write their own versions!

Y5 Junior Lifeskills

Year 5 had an interesting experience last Thursday at Cornwall Council’s Junior Lifeskills event, which was held at Penzance Fire Station. In small groups, the children moved around a carousel of activities designed to make them think about how to keep themselves as safe as possible in the world around them. The children explored the importance of wearing seatbelts in cars, developed their understanding of the dangers of railway lines, learned about the best places for smoke alarms in homes and practised some basic first aid. Of course, it would have been a shame to have visited the fire station and not squirted some water so the children were thrilled to be able to work as a team to connect a hose to a fire hydrant, through a fire engine, then aim the water at the second floor window of the training tower! Many thanks to all the organisations who attended and well done to the children who participated enthusiastically and asked thoughtful questions throughout.

Mr Luke and Mrs Rehaag


Y5 Clay Poppies

Inspired by the Tower of London poppies, Year 5 have embarked on making their own war memorial with local ceramic artist Michaela from ’54 Lemons’. After exploring the structure and detail of poppies, we discussed different techniques that we could use to make our own. We then spent two very creative days making all sorts of poppies to remember those who fought and died in WW1. Once they are fired and glazed the poppies will be on display in school. Thank you to Michaela for all your expertise! 

Y5 Cornwall Regimental Museum

All of Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed our recent visit to Cornwall’s Regimental Museum, where we learnt about Cornwall’s military history, with a special focus on WW1. This museum is a treasure of artefacts, uniforms and information, just waiting to be discovered! Each group immersed themselves in a ‘WW1 trench’ experience, which included time to try on genuine war helmets, handle entrenching tools, step up to the ‘fire-step’ and much more. (The autumnal weather certainly added to the atmosphere in the ‘trench’.) We learnt about Cornish heroes and heroines from the war period and discussed what we thought made them heroic. In addition, we excitedly hunted for WW1 campaign medals (known as Pip, Squeak and Wilfred) around the museum and carefully sketched our findings. Surprisingly, the highest order medal, which was the Victoria Cross, was certainly not the shiniest! In addition, we searched through authentic WW1 diaries and were amazed at the detailed accounts.

We would all like to thank the knowledgeable staff at the museum for their fantastic tours and workshops and Cornwall Heritage Trust for generously funding the cost of our coach journey.

Y5 Space Dome

Year 5 blasted off to space on Friday when Simon from the Space Odyssey visited with his Space Dome. With 360 degree images, our first mission was to visit the International Space Station so we buckled our seat belts and held on tight! Did you know that the ISS orbits the Earth 16 times a day and travels at 17,500 mph? Or that inside the scientists perform all sorts of interesting experiments? After our trip to the ISS we ventured further afield into our Solar System where we learnt about the 8 planets which orbit our sun. We also explored the relationship between Earth and our Moon, learning about why it appears to change shape in the sky when in fact half of it is always illuminated. Finally we looked beyond the Milky Way to the constellations that make up our night sky, which made us feel insignificant in the vastness of it all. We learnt so many mind boggling facts and saw so many epic images that when we returned to Earth and stepped out of the space dome we all felt like we had tasted what it would be like to explore our universe. 

Y5 Summer Staycation

While some of year 5 were away camping, remaining pupils really enjoyed 3 sunny days of a ‘Summer Staycation’ at SIJS. Designing, preparing and baking cup-cakes was the first creative activity on the menu. (They tasted as delicious as they looked!) As well as game-designing using the computer programme, Kodu, the team created their very own original, hand-made pencil cases. Pizza was on the menu for the last day. With a choice of mouth-watering toppings on offer, they all enjoyed their unique, tasty pizza in an outdoor party picnic. The selection of photos captures just some of their fun-packed, exciting moments.

Y5 Porthpean 2018

The sun shone almost as brightly as the children’s smiles on Y5 camp at Porthpean last week. The children showed remarkable resilience and positive attitudes when participating in all the activities, ranging from high ropes to coasteering and kayaking to archery. As well as this determination, the children showed a responsible approach to organising themselves and sleeping under canvas, which was a first for many of them, and a caring, supportive attitude toward each other throughout the three days away. Well done to all our pupils for making the camp so successful and enjoyable.

Cornwall School Games

On Friday 29th June, the year 5 girls and year 6 boys and girls swimming teams went to Carn Brea to compete in the Cornwall School Games following their recent success at the Penwith Swimming Gala. Only the top teams from all over Cornwall are invited to the event needing to qualify by being 1st or 2nd in their area’s trails. After an opening ceremony and being kitted out with Penwith team t-shirts, the SIJS swim teams headed to poolside where the excitement was high and the competition was fierce. Each child swam an individual race (either, front crawl, breaststroke, backstroke or butterfly) as well as swimming in a team relay race. Points were awarded for both individual races and relay events. All of the children swam incredibly and gave their absolute all in every single race, which was reflected in the strong set of finishes each team achieved. While all the points were calculated the team waited nervously to find out if we had placed in the top 3 teams in the whole of Cornwall. The results were outstanding; Year 5 girls won gold, and both year 6 girls and boys won bronze. The level of commitment and drive all of these young swimmers demonstrated was superb and on behalf of all of St Ives Junior School, I would like to say how immensely proud of them we are. 

Y5 Reach for the Stars!

Anyone visiting SIJS on 16/1/18 could have easily wondered why a bunch of astronauts, aliens, stars, space book characters, Star Wars characters and more had taken over year 5 for the day! It was the turn of year 5 to celebrate the start of their epic topic, Space Explorers.

We learned a little about the laws of motion and about thrust when making balloon rockets. There was lots of excitement as we set about making the balloon rocket that would travel the fastest along the string. Notably, the children considered the shape of the balloon, the amount of air inside the balloon at launch, fins and nose cones when trying to make their rocket the fastest possible.

We’ve all been told  tales that the moon is made out of cheese! Well, year 5 found out that their biscuits really were. Using a variety of food technology skills, we prepared, baked and (most importantly) ate our own moon cheese biscuits. Overall, the verdict was — delicious! Additionally, we created our own replica astrolabes, which were historically used to identify the position of stars and planets. This linked to our new, exciting class reading book, Phoenix.

Please enjoy the following selection of our pictures from the out-of-this-world day!

Y5 Junior Lifeskills

On 23/11/17, the whole of Year 5 took part in the annual Junior Life Skills event held at Penzance Fire Station. Pupils experienced a variety of activities designed to help them make safer choices in their daily lives, including safety on the beach, roads and railways, internet safety and fire safety. We would like to thank the Cornwall Fire Rescue and Community Safety Service for organising and hosting this very successful event.