Y4 Delaware Camp

With the sun shining brightly, Year 4 threw themselves, with great enthusiasm and resilience, into a range of different activities at Delaware Outdoor Education Centre. Stepping out of their comfort, the pupils took part in a variety of different challenges; climbing a rock face and abseiling down again, mountain biking, archery and canoeing. It was fantastic to watch the children trying new things and supporting each other throughout. The instructors commented that the children were the most adventurous and enthusiastic group they had worked with all summer! An unforgettable experience which we will always remember.

Y4 Trevaskis Farm

Our journey to learn more about where food comes from led us to visit Trevaskis Farm, where we explored the 28 acres of this family-run farm. We learned about the different ways that raspberries, strawberries, and apples are grown and saw some vegetables we’d never come across before (fennel). We made sure we had plenty of time to visit the many animal residents on the farm. Luckily, the British Lop pigs had just given birth to some adorable piglets, which quickly became our favourite animals on the farm. Visiting the shop, we learned more about the different fish and meat sold in there (even getting a sneak peek into the butcher’s freezer). Year 4 would definitely recommend a visit to Trevaskis Farm!

Y4 Pasty Making

What an amazing day for Year 4 when, after extensive research, we made our very own Cornish Pasties! After making our pastry on Monday, we were creative with our fillings (chorizo and sausage being an interesting combination!). Making the pasty unique was our favourite part; showing off our crimping technique and intricate designs on top. The delicious aromas wafting up the corridors made the rest of the school’s mouths water! The best bit was when we were finally able to taste our delicious creations.

Y4 Royal Cornwall Museum

Children in Year 4 visited the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro on Tuesday to take part in workshops and  to develop their understanding of the Ancient Romans.  As you can see from the photos, the children had a great time and learned a great deal!  The children had the opportunity to handle some lamps from the Roman times that used olive oil as fuel.  They also had a go at making some replica lamps of their own, decorated in the Roman style.

Very excitingly, the children had the opportunity to undertake work as archaeologists, using artefacts from the Roman period to uncover the secrets of the past.  One child said, “Touching these artefacts is like holding hands with a Roman!”.  This hands-on experience really brought history to life and the children took the opportunity to ask lots of questions which were ably answered by the museum staff.  This was a great trip and a really meaningful learning experience.

If You Go Down to the Woods Today…

This term in Year 4, we have been taking our learning outdoors and into the natural environment! We have walked up to Steeple Woods to make use of the great outdoors. We have been learning to cope with disappointments as part of our ‘Jigsaw’ – PSHE study. We discussed what disappointment is and looked at strategies with how to cope with disappointments both large and small. Excitingly, we were also able to practise our team building skills by working together to build a fire using only what we could find in the woods. Unfortunately, none of the fires would light! We used some of the techniques we learned about to cope with our disappointment. We are looking forward to using the woods for learning experiences right up until half term.

Y4 Tate Visit

Year 4 had a fantastic time exploring the new Tate which is a treasure trove of inspiration and such a great introduction to the unique artistic heritage of our town. The children were captivated and we can’t wait to return with our sketchbooks!

Y4 Steady Hand Games

A huge thank you to all the staff from the DT department at the secondary school for providing us with a fun and challenging day! Y4 were challenged to create ‘Volcano Steady Hand Games’ which were as tricky to make as they are to play. Starting in the electronics room, we were shown how to connect electrical components to make a buzzer and light circuit. After working out the correct order for the circuit to work we then learnt how to solder each join together to make our circuit permanent. Next we spent some time in the woodwork room where we used saws, rasps and sandpaper to shape the bases for our volcano game. Following that we drilled holes into the wood and bent aluminium to complete the game. Our third task was to create an aesthetic volcano backdrop to make our games look appealing to the player. Finally our electrical circuits were shrink wrapped onto our bases and our games were ready to play! Wow! We had to work hard all day long to complete our games on time – what a great achievement! 

Y4 Steeple Woods

Last week, Year 4 embraced the elements and took part in an EPIC survival day in Steeple Woods with outdoor learning leader, Amy Wynn. From shelter building to cooking marshmallows on a campfire, tin can cooking to teambuilding challenges, everybody had an action-packed day, full of fun and enthusiasm! I think it is safe to say that we are now experts in all things survival! A big thank you to Amy and to everyone in Year 4 for the wonderful memories created. 

Y4 African Drumming

Year 4 pupils spent a day with inspirational musician, Samuel Yeboah, who taught the whole year 4 team African drumming!  Our learning started with Samuel telling us stories about life in Ghana. We then learnt about the different parts of a djembe drum and discussed the meaning of the different carvings and symbols on them.  Through call and response, Samuel then taught us a range of interesting rhythms and we had to work really hard to stay in time together as a group! In the afternoon, both classes came together in the hall to rehearse a performance to the whole school, where we showcased the different rhythms and songs we had learnt throughout the day. We could tell from our audience, who were pretending to drum along with us, that they enjoyed the experience just as much as we did!  Thank you Samuel!

Y4 Delaware 2016

What a brilliant experience the year 4 residential visit to Delaware was. Over three days, pupils demonstrated fantastic collaboration and resilience, stepping out of their comfort zones to learn new skills. From mountain biking and archery to canoeing and rock climbing pupils tested themselves to complete numerous challenges! It was wonderful to see the encouragement pupils consistently gave each other and the resilience they showed throughout their time away. To add to the experience, the food was absolutely delicious and the scenery was stunning not to mention the weather! Overall, an unforgettable trip with endless special memories.