WOW! What an assembly we had today…. we were very pleased to welcome back one of our pupils, Molly Hocking to SIJS today for an extra special performance. She has recently joined Team Olly on one of our favourite shows ‘The Voice’. A sense of awe and wonder and emotion filled the hall while Molly performed two tracks – ‘A Million Dreams’ and ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. Thank you so much Molly for coming back to see us and we can’t wait to watch you achieve your dreams. We believe in you!


Christmas 1914

Put together in 5 days, our whole school performance of ‘Christmas 1914’ has proved to be a great hit with both pupils and parents/carers. Over the course of 5 shows, a combined audience of nearly 800 people and two standing ovations, the children displayed great resilience, commitment and determination as well as great theatrical skills to put together a truly memorable performance to finish off our EPIC learning on World War One. A special thanks to families for their support with costumes and getting pupils into school on both evenings. Hopefully, the photo gallery has managed to capture some of the many highlights. 

New Running Track!

What an exciting start to the new half term at SIJS with the official opening of our new all-weather running track! The track has been installed over the half term break and will allow all the classes to continue their ‘Mile a Day’ all year round. The track itself wraps around the perimeter of our playing field so gives the children an ideal distance to stretch their legs.  All the children tried out the track and it was given their seal of approval with huge smiles all round! 

Interschool Primary Science Competition

Congratulations to Juliet for winning the Interschool Primary Science Competition! Juliet was presented a fabulous trophy and prize by Mrs Woodhouse, Headteacher of St Ives School and Mr Stevens. Her project and video presentation, which she did at home on the melting points of different liquids, caught the judges attention. They commented that her video presentation included lots of scientific words and was incredibly well presented.

Well done Juliet!

Sport Relief 2018

The whole school got moving this week to raise money for Sport Relief. SIJS was filled with different sports outfits and personalities including the Brownlee brothers and Eddie the Eagle!  All the children were mixed up with years 3-6 joining together to complete different sporting challenges throughout the morning. There was fantastic teamwork and superb determination shown by all the children to complete all the challenges that were set. The day was a real sporting success and a huge thank you for all the donations. 

World Maths Day 2018

On Wednesday 7th March, we celebrated World Maths Day across the school.

To link with the global theme of our World Book Day, classes visited a variety of teachers in the morning to explore maths from around the world. In the afternoon, children had the opportunity to participate in a free, fun online competition with up to 4 million students from across the globe.

Mrs B & Ms Rogers
If the world were a village of 100 people, 9 would speak English, 13 would belong to the Hindu faith, 10 would own a computer and 20 would be severely undernourished. During Maths Day this year, we explored the experiences of the 7.6 billion people that live on our planet and used a range of resources to create graphs, charts and pictures to present the information we discovered. The children demonstrated fabulous skills of collaboration, problem solving and data analysis.
Miss Wilson & Miss Bowen
How do we know about the hidden number code found in so many aspects of nature? This was thanks to the brilliant mathematician Leonardo da Pisa (aka Fibonacci). We learnt how his famous ‘Fibonacci sequence’ is formed, explored plants and animals that show Fibonacci spirals and numbers and made our very own Fibonacci-inspired creations. Furthermore, year 5 and 6 investigated patterns in Pascal’s triangles, using a variety of addition strategies.
Mr Bowden & Mr Jane
As part of World Maths Day we looked at Mandala.  These originated as a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe and the never ending cycle of life.  They are built out of geometric patterns built up over a long period of time, using straight lines and angles.  Looking at mandala is supposed to instill an inner calmness.
The children had the opportunity to create mandala of their own using wool on card templates. As you can see, the children enjoyed the task immensely and  used knowledge of angles and shape to create their patterns.  Making these mandala was an exercise in inner peace in both process and product, and of course provided the children with a great hands-on maths learning opportunity!
Mr Cooley & Mr Luke
Inspired by the Dutch artist M.C Escher the children created artwork using tessellation. Years 3 and 4 explored using 2D shapes to create regular and irregular tessellations inspired by the world around us, while years 5 and 6 created their own stencils to create their tessellation artwork. The patterns and ingenuity of the children was fantastic creating some wonderful tessellations!  

World Book Day 2018

Monday 5th March was World Book Day at SIJS. Teachers paired up to teach exciting lessons and pupils moved around throughout the day in mixed-age groups.

Ms Rogers and Mrs B chose the picture book ‘Leaf’ by Sandra Dieckmann. This beautiful story tells how a lost polar bear is treated when he accidentally ends up far from home. Thank goodness for the crows, who noticed that he wasn’t scary – he was lonely and sad! In year 3 and 4, we made crows out of circles of paper, whilst years 5 and 6 made origami ones. We then wrote on them the crows’ personal attributes: kindness, tolerance. generosity etc. Let’s all be more crow!

Mr Cooley & Mr Luke chose Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson as inspiration. After listening to a synopsis of the story it was time for the children’s own adventure! In small groups the children had to show real collaboration to find all the clues hidden around the school which would lead them to buried treasure! Piecing together the words they uncovered along the way gave them a secret quote related to Treasure Island and with this they discovered Captain Flint’s hidden treasure!

Miss Wilson and Miss Bowen read the well known story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ about a young African girl. SIJS pupils had a go at making their own fruit surprises. Pupils had the chance to create their own baked bananas filled with marshmallows and chocolate – what a treat! Whilst patiently waiting for our bananas to bake we had a go at solving some tricky fruit related riddles and thought about the origins of some more exotic fruits.

Mr Jane and Mr Bowden looked at the Brazilian legend of Mufameira, diving into the rainforest to learn about sustainability and respecting the natural world around us. The story follows Adao and his two friends, who become greedy and begin to cut down masses of the forest. The forest fights back, which results in Adao planting new trees for the rest of his life, then turning into a spirit of the forest. To show our understanding, we created flowers out of recyclable products to combine to create our own mufameira forest, as well as using wax crayons to create our own toucans.

Safer Internet Day 2018

February 6th was Safer Internet Day and everyone at SIJS spent the day thinking about this year’s theme:

Create, Connect, Respect: a better internet starts with you!’

We shared positive messages and pledges online, thought about issues through drama and had in-depth discussions around online safety issues. Throughout the school, we were finding out and sharing the amazing things we can do with the internet, from easy communication with friends and family to finding out practically anything at the touch of a button! We also learnt about some of the potential disadvantages and how to combat them so we can stay safe and be digital superheroes. 

For more information and support around staying safe online, take a look at the links on the SIJS homepage.

Bethlehem- The Musical

Bethlehem – The Musical! came to town as SIJS acted, danced and sang their way through another outstanding Christmas performance. As usual, the show was a real team effort with children putting themselves forward for speaking roles and everybody playing their part in the year group and whole school songs. It was a real show of collaboration between staff and pupils to put the show on in a short period of time and demonstrated the key Christmas themes of community and showing hospitality.

Anti-Bullying Week

We brought anti-bullying week to a close on Friday with the whole school gathering together to share individual coloured placards, on which each child had described what made them unique and special. To represent this year’s national anti-bullying message of ‘All different. All equal’, the children then posed with these placards to make a blue equals sign on a yellow background. The week also saw us wearing odd socks to reflect the same message, debating a variety of bullying scenarios prompted through film or question and entering a Cornish anti-bullying poster competition.