SIJS Climbing High!

During last week’s learning you may have noticed a climbing wall erected in our car park. SIJS welcomed the Cornwall Outdoors team who challenged all of our learners to develop their climbing skills. Children showed great resilience in pushing themselves to climb as high as possible and should be really proud of their efforts. We climbed a total of 3920 metres which is almost 3 times as high as Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Great Britain. Wow! Thank you to the Cornwall Outdoors team for providing such a high quality, fun learning experience.

What a challenging and amazing experience enjoyed by all.

Carn Brea 2013

On Friday 21st June, sixteen pupils represented SIJS in the Penwith Primary Schools Athletics Championship at the Carn Brea Running Track.  Each athlete showed great resilience both on the track and in the field and participated with great enthusiasm, energy and focus. Many of the children had their hard work rewarded by making finals and finishing in the top 8 of their races and field events! Mr Tudor was most impressed with the exceptional level of emotional intelligence that the children showed throughout the day despite the heat and the long wait between some events. Moreover, the children showed fantastic support and encouragement for each other which really helped the children who were racing.

A huge thank you goes out to all parents who helped with transport and gave their support on the day.

Year 3 – Eloise H. (75m  sprint, 600m, shuttle relay),  Mia L. (75m sprint, 600m, shuttle relay), Joshua M. (75m sprint, 600m, shuttle relay), Nikolai R.P. (75m sprint, 600m, shuttle relay)

Year 4 – Erin V. (75m sprint, 600m, shuttle relay), Tara P. (75m sprint, 600m, shuttle relay), James Y. (75m sprint, 600m, shuttle relay), James M. (75m sprint, 600m, shuttle relay)

Year 5 – Poppy L. (75m sprint, 800m, shuttle relay), Kezia E. (75m sprint, 800m, shuttle relay and long jump), James B. (75m sprint, 800m, shuttle relay and howler throw), Louis E. (75m sprint, 800m, shuttle relay)

Year 6 – Thai M. (1500m, circular relay, high jump), Ellie C. (1500m, circular relay, 75 m sprint and high jump), Kai M. (75m sprint circular relay, long jump), Willow OB (800m, circular relay, 75 m sprint and howler throw)

Olympic Fortnight

What an exciting and exhausting two weeks at SIJS!

Year 3 have broadened their horizons when it comes to sport over the past two weeks. During our various activities we have all discovered hidden talents and new passions. The climbing wall set challenges for all climbing abilities. People reached the top who never believed they would and others overcame fears who didn’t think they were able to climb at all. Capoeira taught us that we already know many words in Brazilian-Portuguese, as well as spatial awareness, rhythm and dance. Roller skating inspired people to have a go and reach a goal…skating around the whole room without falling over…which was definitely achieved. It has also inspired new passions…one year 3 boy says that skating is his new thing and he is going to ask for skates for his birthday!

Year 4 have tried new things, challenged ourselves and achieved things we didn’t know we could. At the log camp everyone delved deep to find extra endurance and strength – teaching us that we need to push ourselves to achieve our goals. In capoeira great rhythm was discovered by many in the dance and we realised we could translate many Brazilian-Portuguese words into English! A very different way of dancing was enjoyed by all in Hip Hop and some up and coming golf pros demonstrated their skill in the golfing session. Roller skating was a hit with many first timers excelling themselves and the more experienced were able to show off their tricks and speed. In judo we were lucky enough to have Rebekah Couch from class 3 to show us how it’s done. Everyone was thrown and threw a teacher, all safely! Exhausted, exhilarated and inspired.

Year 5 have been active, active, active! We’ve climbed the heights of the climbing wall and ventured to the depths of the sea (just above the knee!) on our surfboards. Throughout the Olympic fortnight we’ve also tried or hand at athletics, Paralympic events, judo, capoeira, roller-skating, circuits and boot camp. So many times we’ve heard the sound of, “I can’t believe how much I’ve improved in just one hour!” and “I’m going to see if I can do this again!” All in all a great sporting event- roll on the London Olympics!

Year 6 have had a terrific action-packed two week long Olympiad!! Pupils have shown resilience at boot camp, have grappled with Maculele (a Brazilian martial art dance) and swum relays at the leisure centre!  Surfing saw many year 6 pupils reach their knees and a good number even stand up!! Despite the rain pupils reached for the stars as they ascended the climbing wall with skill and determination, and then showed off their ability to follow instructions when fencing. The few spare moments between activities have been spent practising their own athletics skills, with many pupils gaining new personal bests in a whole range of events. We hope the gallery gives you a flavour of our very own year six Olympic glory!

Olympic Launch Day

Runners, swimmers, footballers, gymnasts, dancers, Olympians and many more were present as the ‘Olympics’ arrived at SIJS. Our Olympic learning kicked off in style as the whole school got stuck into a range of sporting activities. Pupils and staff were given a dance challenge to begin with. Mrs McAvoy and Mrs Lucas, along with their dance club, choreographed a dance routine inspired by the Olympic sports to the music of ‘Eye of the Tiger’. Everyone accepted the challenge of learning the routine with great enthusiasm and commitment and highlights of the whole school performances are on Frog.

Throughout the rest of the day the pupils and staff took part in the ‘Alternative Indoor Olympics’, as determined by the weather! A range of sporting challenges from hula hooping to triple jumping, from table tennis to space hopper racing saw each class rotate around the various challenges where they developed a range of skills and enjoyed themselves. There was an electric atmosphere across the school, as pupils demonstrated their responsibility and resilience. What a fantastic way to begin our Olympic learning over the five weeks!

SIJS do Sport Relief

On Thursday 22nd March, students from SIJS took part in a mega challenge in support of Sport Relief 2012. All pupils and staff completed the mile challenge around the school grounds in less than ideal conditions but spirits were not to be dampened. Everyone took to the mile with great enthusiasm, completing it in a variety of manners from dribbling a football, juggling, skipping or walking. The day also proved a fantastic inspiration for learning throughout the school.

The ICT suite was transformed by Year 6 into a buzzing newsroom as they took the challenge of reporting the day’s exciting events. Pupils were split into small teams, with each person playing a vital role in the process of creating a newspaper report. In Year 3 they continued to demonstrate their commitment to sport by completing even more PE throughout the day as well as spending some time researching where the money raised from Sport Relief would go towards.   Year 4 also became journalists for the day, conducting interviews with staff and pupils on their experiences during the day. In year 5 the sporting theme continued with even more PE in the afternoon and also spent time learning about the projects that Sport Relief supports both here in the UK and around the world.

Sports Days 2011

What wonderful sports days we had. Thank you to all supporters. Well done indeed to every pupil for enjoying the sporting fun,whilst also allowing natural athletes to shine.

The weather was kind to us too!

Here are the results:

Overall Sports Person Year 3

Kezia Elliot & Sarah Larder

Year 3 Marathon

1st: Louis Evans

2nd= Lewis Wood

3rd= Archie Hearse

1st= Kezia Elliot

2nd= Daisy Cullen

3rd= Sarah Larder

Overall Sports Person Year 4

Claire Careswell

Year 4 Marathon

1st= Michael Lloyd

2nd= Samwise Allen

3rd: Kai McKnight

1st= Ellie Chard

2nd= Kelsey Astbury

3rd= Holly Chen

Overall Sports Person Year 5

Chloe Birt & Joseph Cross

Year 5 Marathon

1st= Louis Hurley

2nd= Joseph Pascoe

3rd= Joseph Cross

1st= Tamzyn Clarke

2nd= Charley Fox

3rd= Olivia Mundy

Overall Sports Person Year 6

Elliot Hurley & Ethan Peters

Year 6 Marathon

1st= Callum McIntyre & Adam Harris

3rd= Joel Smith

1st= Alyssa Andrews & Ellie Pollock

3rd= Erin Cook



Penwith Primary Schools Athletics Championship

On Monday 4th July a team of 24 athletes competed in the Penwith Primary Schools Athletics Championship at the Carn Brea Running Track. All of the athletes participated enthusiastically and were competitive throughout all disciplines, which saw many children being rewarded by making finals and finishing in the top 8 of their races and field events.  Behaviour was exceptional throughout the day and the children demonstrated resilience and stickability despite the stifling heat! The team spirit was outstanding and the level of encouragement and support between the children was phenomenal.  A huge thank you goes out to all of the parents who provided transport and amazing support throughout the day.


Year 3

Eddie D.                    2nd overall 75m sprint      7th 600m heat

Lewis W.                   5th 75m sprint heat         7th 600m heat

Rosie F.                    5th overall 600m

Lara M.                      3rd 75m sprint heat         3rd 600m heat

Kezia E.                     3rd 75m sprint heat

Year 4

Zak B.                         6th overall 75m sprint

Kai M.                         4th 75m sprint heat         8th 600m heat

Ellie C.                       7th overall 75m sprint      1st overall 600m

Holly C.                      3rd 75m sprint heat         6th 600m heat

Jordon J.                   10th 600m heat


Year 5

Joseph C.                  7th overall 75m sprint      10th 800m heat

Joseph P.                  7th 75m sprint heat         8th 800m heat

Zara E.                       4th 75m sprint heat         8th 800m heat

Tamzyn C.                 7th 75m sprint heat         4th overall 800m

Alex K.                        10th 1500m open


Year 6

Callum M.                  6th 75m sprint heat         1st overall 800m

Adam H.                     6th 75m sprint heat         6th long jump                  3.19m

India Y.                       3rd overall 75m sprint      7th overall 800m

Ellie P.                        3rd 75m sprint heat         3rd high jump                  1.05m

Alyssa A.                    4th 1500m open               11th long jump                  2.00m

Erin C.                        9th 1500m open

Joshua M.                  8th 800m heat                13th throw                      20.49m

Nicola L.                     5th 800m heat                8th throw                       14.44m

Tyler C.                       3rd 1500m open               3rd high jump                  1.20m



Year 3               3rd heat

Year 4               1st heat

Year 5               7th heat

Year 6               3rd heat