Sports Days 2011

What wonderful sports days we had. Thank you to all supporters. Well done indeed to every pupil for enjoying the sporting fun,whilst also allowing natural athletes to shine.

The weather was kind to us too!

Here are the results:

Overall Sports Person Year 3

Kezia Elliot & Sarah Larder

Year 3 Marathon

1st: Louis Evans

2nd= Lewis Wood

3rd= Archie Hearse

1st= Kezia Elliot

2nd= Daisy Cullen

3rd= Sarah Larder

Overall Sports Person Year 4

Claire Careswell

Year 4 Marathon

1st= Michael Lloyd

2nd= Samwise Allen

3rd: Kai McKnight

1st= Ellie Chard

2nd= Kelsey Astbury

3rd= Holly Chen

Overall Sports Person Year 5

Chloe Birt & Joseph Cross

Year 5 Marathon

1st= Louis Hurley

2nd= Joseph Pascoe

3rd= Joseph Cross

1st= Tamzyn Clarke

2nd= Charley Fox

3rd= Olivia Mundy

Overall Sports Person Year 6

Elliot Hurley & Ethan Peters

Year 6 Marathon

1st= Callum McIntyre & Adam Harris

3rd= Joel Smith

1st= Alyssa Andrews & Ellie Pollock

3rd= Erin Cook



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