Our WWI Learning

To commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the outbreak of the Great War, SIJS has immersed itself in all things World War 1 related.  For the last eight weeks, pupils across the school have lived and breathed the events of 100 years ago and the excitement from pupils and the commitment from families has been very exciting.  We cannot possibly show all the amazing learning from this term however we hope we have managed to capture the excitement, the depth of understanding and the empathy within the examples below.

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Click here to listen to Joel’s WWI letter from the trenches.

Click here to listen to Charlie’s WWI letter.

Click here to listen to Ben’s WWI letter.

Click here to listen to Amber’s WWI letter.

Year 6

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  1. Lila
    Lila says:

    I think all of the WW1 learning is amazing but I really like the year 5 letters. I enjoyed learning about Muirhead Bone and I loved drawing his artwork.

  2. Luca C
    Luca C says:

    I thought that all the WW1 learning was great but the best out of the whole school is probably year 5 when they were doing the watercolors! :)


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