Olympic Fortnight

What an exciting and exhausting two weeks at SIJS!

Year 3 have broadened their horizons when it comes to sport over the past two weeks. During our various activities we have all discovered hidden talents and new passions. The climbing wall set challenges for all climbing abilities. People reached the top who never believed they would and others overcame fears who didn’t think they were able to climb at all. Capoeira taught us that we already know many words in Brazilian-Portuguese, as well as spatial awareness, rhythm and dance. Roller skating inspired people to have a go and reach a goal…skating around the whole room without falling over…which was definitely achieved. It has also inspired new passions…one year 3 boy says that skating is his new thing and he is going to ask for skates for his birthday!

Year 4 have tried new things, challenged ourselves and achieved things we didn’t know we could. At the log camp everyone delved deep to find extra endurance and strength – teaching us that we need to push ourselves to achieve our goals. In capoeira great rhythm was discovered by many in the dance and we realised we could translate many Brazilian-Portuguese words into English! A very different way of dancing was enjoyed by all in Hip Hop and some up and coming golf pros demonstrated their skill in the golfing session. Roller skating was a hit with many first timers excelling themselves and the more experienced were able to show off their tricks and speed. In judo we were lucky enough to have Rebekah Couch from class 3 to show us how it’s done. Everyone was thrown and threw a teacher, all safely! Exhausted, exhilarated and inspired.

Year 5 have been active, active, active! We’ve climbed the heights of the climbing wall and ventured to the depths of the sea (just above the knee!) on our surfboards. Throughout the Olympic fortnight we’ve also tried or hand at athletics, Paralympic events, judo, capoeira, roller-skating, circuits and boot camp. So many times we’ve heard the sound of, “I can’t believe how much I’ve improved in just one hour!” and “I’m going to see if I can do this again!” All in all a great sporting event- roll on the London Olympics!

Year 6 have had a terrific action-packed two week long Olympiad!! Pupils have shown resilience at boot camp, have grappled with Maculele (a Brazilian martial art dance) and swum relays at the leisure centre!  Surfing saw many year 6 pupils reach their knees and a good number even stand up!! Despite the rain pupils reached for the stars as they ascended the climbing wall with skill and determination, and then showed off their ability to follow instructions when fencing. The few spare moments between activities have been spent practising their own athletics skills, with many pupils gaining new personal bests in a whole range of events. We hope the gallery gives you a flavour of our very own year six Olympic glory!

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