Interview with Ms Davey

By Milly, Freya L, Tom and Billy

Do you enjoy working with SIJS?
Yes. I love the way it’s all about ipsative learning and the way people learn here.

Have you always taught in a school?
No. When I finished my teaching degree I taught for 3 years then wanted a change so I became manager of a sports center and taught swimming along with many other things! I then became a teacher again and taught in Africa for a couple of years and then came here.

Do you prefer SIJS to your last work?
SIJS is a really nice place to work and a friendly environment. My last school was also a really exciting, friendly place to work. All schools have different characters and strengths – just like people. I am really enjoying learning all about SIJS and the people here.

How did you find out that we needed a new headteacher?
It was on line and it was in a special newspaper about education. There was an advert about SIJS and it looked interesting. I looked round other schools, but I preferred SIJS.

Did you come down here with family?
Yes. With my partner and my grumpy Cat. The rest of our family live all over the UK, but they will come to visit!

Were you nervous when you first moved down here?
Yes because I didn’t know anyone here and all of my family and friends  come from other places, but I was more excited than nervous.


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Chris Higgins
On 28 February 2018 Chris Higgins came into school to talk to us about her books. Especially ‘Trouble at School’. She set up base in The Hive. She gave us a chance to buy her books for £4. We also were allowed to get them signed!

In the morning Chris was in our assembly and talked to us about all of her books, about being an author and told us that the only way that you can judge a book is read the first, second, or third pages, not by the blurb, because the blurb isn’t even written by the author!

Chris’ plan was to stay in school all day meeting each class, however, then lots and lots of snow came down and we all had to leave school early. Most people bought a book and got them signed.


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