Inclusion & SEND

All children have a common entitlement to a broad balanced and enriched curriculum.

All pupils at St. Ives Junior School have access through a variety of resources. The modification of programmes of study for both more and less able pupils is vital in ensuring all pupils make progress and all pupils have challenging targets.

We respond to pupils’ diverse learning needs, and enable more suitable learning challenges to be set for all. Some pupils experience barriers to learning as a result of their disability, heritage, gender, special educational need, ethnicity, social group, race or culture.

These barriers to learning are recognised and support given to ensure all pupils are engaged and confident learners.

Throughout the school, pupils are explicitly taught the 5 lifelong learning dispositions: resilience, resourcefulness, responsibility, reflectiveness and reciprocity. Pupils are confident using our ‘learning language’ to discuss their learning, and how to discover the next step. We continue to build Learning Power at all levels.

Pupils who have individual educational needs such as learning, speech and language or physical difficulties, will be monitored and supported on the Record of Need. Pupils together with their parents or carers, have termly meetings with the class teacher to review progress towards set targets; to discuss new targets and the strategies which need to be actioned to enable the pupil to achieve new targets.

ICT often plays a large part in students accessing and addressing learning targets set. A teaching assistant supports learning in every classroom throughout the school each morning. This enables learners of all abilities to make maximum learning gains in every lesson. Support staff also lead targeted literacy support groups for pupils who have difficulty accessing this crucial aspect of lifelong learning.

Our support staff are a highly trained and very professional team with our children’s needs at the heart of their work.

To download a copy of the SIJS Access Management Plan CLICK HERE
To download a copy of the SIJS SEND Policy 2018 CLICK HERE
To download a copy of the SIJS SEND Information Report 2018 CLICK HERE

Cornwall’s SEND Local Offer describes the provision that is available for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and their families. Cornwall’s SEND Local Offer website helps families by gathering in one place, the information that they need to know in order to make informed choices about the support they receive. Cornwall’s SEND Local Offer can be found at:

Overview of Attainment at the end of Key Stage 2, 2017

Special Educational Needs:  Achieving the standard (100+)
  Pupils with SEND Pupils without SEND
  Number % Number %
Reading 10/18 56% 46/46 100%
EGAPS* 8/18 44% 44/46 96%
Maths 10/18 56% 41/46 89%

Attainment in Writing Between Identifiable Groups

  Working towards the expected standard Expected standard plus Greater depth within the expected standard
Number % Number % Number %
SEND 6/18 33% 12/18 67% 2/18 11%
Non SEND 0/46 0% 46/46 100% 17/46 37%