An EPIC Curriculum

Learning is the key purpose of our school. Lifelong Learning enables children to aspire, achieve their dreams and contribute much in their futures to our world.

An effective curriculum today is one which provides the most exciting engaging learning opportunities which are not only meaningfully linked but which develop young minds through international mindedness and global awareness. It is a curriculum which provides support for teachers and others to develop children’s learning with a range of assessment and evaluative opportunities. It enables staff and parents to enjoy learning alongside pupils: discovery, enthusiasm, excitement and energising ideas enable all to learn together with learning barriers removed!

Our curriculum, EPIC (Exciting, Personal, Inspirational, Challenging) utilises the best of The International Primary Curriculum and the Cornish themed A Sense of Place.  It is underpinned by a number of key beliefs and concepts:

  • Independence and interdependence which underpin what it is to have an international mind-set
  • An understanding of the results of years of research into the brain and the development of brain-friendly learning and teaching strategies
  • Learning underpinned with skills and dispositions which enable our pupils to be flexible, resourceful, collaborative and resilient learners
  • An integrated subject approach to learning

By integrating subjects with a rigorous underpinning of the expected outcomes of learning at age related levels, EPIC provides rich, exciting and memorable learning opportunities, within a brain friendly and internationally minded curriculum.

EPIC has three main aims:

  • To help children learn the subject knowledge, skills and understandings they need to become aware of the world around them
  • To help children develop the personal skills they need to take an active part in the world throughout their lives
  • To help children develop an international mindset alongside an awareness of their own nationality

Learning at our school will continue to flourish with the freedom and creativity the curriculum brings. We will continue to tweak, develop and refine our practice as innovatively as possible for the direct benefit of our pupils in line with the new national curriculum.

Professional sharing, pedagogically speaking, is key to becoming an Intelligent School. Learning in an Intelligent School is about a continual quest to do the job better and to understand and appreciate the difference you can make every single day to the learning and life experiences of the children in our care!

Every single day matters… Our children are entitled to the very best learning opportunities possible.  Our value-added must prepare our children for real life with awareness of the responsibility that this brings, whilst inspiring them through fun filled experiential learning with high expectations in terms of high achievement by all.

To see our curriculum in greater detail you can download our learning newsletters published at the start of every term from the ‘News’ section of the school website.  Alternatively you can click the following link:


Our EPIC curriculum will play a major part in our continuing realisation of this vision…coupled with our drive for continuous improvement due to our fundamental belief:

‘Time in school is precious and for the children cannot be repeated.’

To download a copy of the Year 3 Long Term Planning document CLICK HERE
To download a copy of the Year 4 Long Term Planning document CLICK HERE
To download a copy of the Year 5 Long Term Planning document CLICK HERE
To download a copy of the Year 6 Long Term Planning document CLICK HERE

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