‘Hwedhlow Kernow’

Not all children have the opportunity to become published authors, however at SIJS, the dream has become a reality.  We have published a book of Cornish tales entitled ‘Hwedlhow Kernow’ which features pupils stories all with a Cornish link.  From giants and mermaids, to the story of An Gof, the Cornish blacksmith, children at SIJS have been immersed in their tales, learning to retell example stories as a whole class before changing key elements of the modelled tales to finally writing their own.  The result is ‘Hwedhlow Kernow’ which also contains pupils’ illustrations to accompany their story.

The books are on sale from school at the cost price of £3, and come highly recommended!

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  1. Justine bramwell
    Justine bramwell says:

    What a brilliant book to keep, as a reminder of the school and their friends and of course the Cornish stories.

    Amazing and descriptive vocabulary too. Very impressed with all the childrens hard work.


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