Christmas 1914

5 shows.  A combined audience of 800 plus.  Two standing ovations.

Our whole school performance, Christmas 1914, has proved a great hit with both pupils and parent/carers.  Rehearsals only started a week before the first performance, however the commitment and resilience shown by both pupils and staff has been fantastic.  My thanks to families for their support with costumes and getting pupils back to school on both evenings despite the weather.  Hopefully the photo gallery has managed to capture some of the many highlights.  We have also uploaded a video of the performance to the school section of Frog which you can watch with your child, using their Frog username and password.

Mr Allcock.

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  1. Christine Simpson
    Christine Simpson says:

    What a fantastic Christmas performance!! The staff and children you can tell have worked so hard to put it all together and a wonderful idea to base it on WW1.

  2. Niamh
    Niamh says:

    Thank you sooo much for all your effort. I really enjoyed the school play, especially the song ‘Today I got a letter’. My family said that they loved it.


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