Y4 Ancient Greek Day

Last week children in Year 4 took part in an ‘Ancient Greek day’.  The costumes looked fantastic and lots of children used ideas from characters and myths that they had learned about.  In the morning the children took part in a range of activities such as shield and mask making. The children took inspiration from different Ancient Greek designs, myths and legends and were really creative with their designs .

They also designed and made Ancient Greek laurel wreaths. They spent great time and care cutting out individual leaves and sticking them onto their wreaths. Some of the children painted theirs gold.

In the afternoon, an Ancient Greek banquette was prepared for the children, consisting of traditional Greek foods such as black and green olives, dates,pitta bread, dried apricots and goat cheese. The children were encouraged to try different foods and really enjoyed sampling these traditional Greek foods. Following this the children went outside to participate in Ancient Olympic style games outside which included javelin throwing.

Y3 Make Canopic Jars!

In keeping with our recent mummification learning in year 3 the children had the opportunity this week to look more at the importance of canopic jars in the mummification process. After understanding which organs went in the jars the children designed their very own! With the expertise of the wonderful staff from Leach Pottery the children then used clay to sculpt their designs into the real thing! The creativity all the children showed was superb and the end results were fantastic. We cannot wait to get them back from the kiln!

Y3 at Truro Museum

Year 3 stepped back in time last week, as they visited Truro Museum to discover more about the wonders of Ancient Egypt. The children spent the day studying ancient artefacts, digging in sand like real archaeologists to work out the importance of each one. They also learnt more about the mummification process and met the museum’s real mummy, finding out more about his life. The children also got the opportunity to act out the journey to the afterlife the Ancient Egyptians believed in. The children were all so absorbed throughout the day, asking incredibly thoughtful questions to find out as much as possible from the museum experts.  It was a truly wonderful learning experience! 

Y4 at Truro Museum

On Tuesday, all of Year 4 took a trip to Truro Museum as part of their study of Ancient Greece.  All of our learning in school was complemented and extended by workshops led by specialists including an archaeologist from the museum.  One of the highlights was experiencing first-hand, some primary sources from the period.  The children were even able to handle some vases which first came into existence almost 3,000 years ago!  The awe and wonder generated by such artefacts cannot be understated, and the children reported a huge amount of enjoyment from the trip and evidently learned a great deal. Back in school, our learning about the achievements and myths of this great ancient civilisation continue.  Watch this space about an Ancient Greek day in year 4 after half term!

Y5 Viking Launch Day

Wow! What a ferocious bunch of Vikings we had in Year 5 on Friday! From rousing singing to creative collages, from energetic Viking raids to rune print making, Year 5 enjoyed an action packed launch day. Throughout the day, the children showed a resourceful, positive attitude and made excellent use of their teamwork skills. We finished the day with a dramatic retelling of Beowulf in the withie classroom – we can’t wait for the children to write their own versions!

Ancient Egypt Launch Day

On Monday, year 3 dived into their Ancient Egypt learning  with an action packed launch day.  To gain entry to the Pharaoh’s banquet the children had to complete a series of challenges; decode hieroglyphics, make Egyptian jewellery,  find artifacts in the dark tomb, work as a team to cross the River Nile and build a sugar cube Pyramid.  What an EPIC day we all had!


WOW! What an assembly we had today…. we were very pleased to welcome back one of our pupils, Molly Hocking to SIJS today for an extra special performance. She has recently joined Team Olly on one of our favourite shows ‘The Voice’. A sense of awe and wonder and emotion filled the hall while Molly performed two tracks – ‘A Million Dreams’ and ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. Thank you so much Molly for coming back to see us and we can’t wait to watch you achieve your dreams. We believe in you!


Y6 Survival Launch Day

On Monday, Year 6 kicked off their spring term ‘Survival’ topic with an action packed day. Pupils learned how to make fire, which was then used to cook a sausage on a stick (surprisingly tasty) and make a s’more (using toasted marshmallows and chocolate biscuits). Building a shelter and communicating across the field using semaphore flag signals were tackled with great enthusiasm. Year 6 are now confident that they could survive in the wild!

Christmas 1914

Put together in 5 days, our whole school performance of ‘Christmas 1914’ has proved to be a great hit with both pupils and parents/carers. Over the course of 5 shows, a combined audience of nearly 800 people and two standing ovations, the children displayed great resilience, commitment and determination as well as great theatrical skills to put together a truly memorable performance to finish off our EPIC learning on World War One. A special thanks to families for their support with costumes and getting pupils into school on both evenings. Hopefully, the photo gallery has managed to capture some of the many highlights. 

Y5 Junior Lifeskills

Year 5 had an interesting experience last Thursday at Cornwall Council’s Junior Lifeskills event, which was held at Penzance Fire Station. In small groups, the children moved around a carousel of activities designed to make them think about how to keep themselves as safe as possible in the world around them. The children explored the importance of wearing seatbelts in cars, developed their understanding of the dangers of railway lines, learned about the best places for smoke alarms in homes and practised some basic first aid. Of course, it would have been a shame to have visited the fire station and not squirted some water so the children were thrilled to be able to work as a team to connect a hose to a fire hydrant, through a fire engine, then aim the water at the second floor window of the training tower! Many thanks to all the organisations who attended and well done to the children who participated enthusiastically and asked thoughtful questions throughout.

Mr Luke and Mrs Rehaag