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WOW! What an assembly we had today…. we were very pleased to welcome back one of our pupils, Molly Hocking to SIJS today for an extra special performance. She has recently joined Team Olly on one of our favourite shows ‘The Voice’. A sense of awe and wonder and emotion filled the hall while Molly performed two […]

Y6 Survival Launch Day

On Monday, Year 6 kicked off their spring term ‘Survival’ topic with an action packed day. Pupils learned how to make fire, which was then used to cook a sausage on a stick (surprisingly tasty) and make a s’more (using toasted marshmallows and chocolate biscuits). Building a shelter and communicating across the field using semaphore […]

Christmas 1914

Put together in 5 days, our whole school performance of ‘Christmas 1914’ has proved to be a great hit with both pupils and parents/carers. Over the course of 5 shows, a combined audience of nearly 800 people and two standing ovations, the children displayed great resilience, commitment and determination as well as great theatrical skills […]

Y5 Junior Lifeskills

Year 5 had an interesting experience last Thursday at Cornwall Council’s Junior Lifeskills event, which was held at Penzance Fire Station. In small groups, the children moved around a carousel of activities designed to make them think about how to keep themselves as safe as possible in the world around them. The children explored the […]

Y3 Clay Poppies

Year 3 enjoyed a creative day sculpting clay poppies under the expert guidance of Michaela. Having learnt about the importance of the poppy and it’s symbolic importance when remembering all of the soldiers who lost their lives during World War One. We spent the day creating a poppy tile to be part of a whole […]

New Running Track!

What an exciting start to the new half term at SIJS with the official opening of our new all-weather running track! The track has been installed over the half term break and will allow all the classes to continue their ‘Mile a Day’ all year round. The track itself wraps around the perimeter of our playing field […]

Y5 Clay Poppies

Inspired by the Tower of London poppies, Year 5 have embarked on making their own war memorial with local ceramic artist Michaela from ’54 Lemons’. After exploring the structure and detail of poppies, we discussed different techniques that we could use to make our own. We then spent two very creative days making all sorts […]

Y5 Cornwall Regimental Museum

All of Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed our recent visit to Cornwall’s Regimental Museum, where we learnt about Cornwall’s military history, with a special focus on WW1. This museum is a treasure of artefacts, uniforms and information, just waiting to be discovered! Each group immersed themselves in a ‘WW1 trench’ experience, which included time to try […]

Y5 Space Dome

Year 5 blasted off to space on Friday when Simon from the Space Odyssey visited with his Space Dome. With 360 degree images, our first mission was to visit the International Space Station so we buckled our seat belts and held on tight! Did you know that the ISS orbits the Earth 16 times a […]