A Tour of SIJS

The school was purpose built in 1984 and we prioritise the physical learning environment at SIJS, believing that pupils deserve a school building and resources to be proud of.  The building is bright airy and well maintained. Our innovative entrance to school, the reception area, and ‘The Hive’ (our school library) all reflect our white and blue theme throughout the school. Space is effectively used and donated works of art from local artists are on display, enriching school life further.

The School building has a central hall with a gallery walkway.  The hall is flanked by two symmetrical wings, each of which houses five classrooms and two learning zones.  The sixth classroom on one side of the school is used as a music and sensory room and on the other side to house the The Hub: our computer suite.  The Hub is manned by our full time technician Mr Moon, who as well as enhancing outcomes for pupils at every opportunity, ensures that a wide range of technology for use in classrooms is fully functional at every moment so that no learning time is ever lost.

Classroom displays are in effect learning walls, scaffolding learning to pupils with remember to’s, examples of learning and language chooser boards.  Classroom displays change regularly depending on the learning in class.  Displays in corridors serve a different purpose and generally showcase pupils’ learning.

The areas outside classrooms in all year groups were refurbished not long ago to create additional learning zones which pupils and
teachers use as extensions to their classrooms.  At the same time all the pupil toilets were modernised as driven by our Pupil Council. 

Stainless steel drinking fountains are in a number of classrooms and are in all four learning zones to ensure fresh water is readily available to all pupils whenever they need it.  We also have much needed water fountains outside.

We are fortunate to have extensive grounds which we use to enhance pupils’ learning and enjoyment throughout the school day.  We have a good quality football pitch and two hard courts in addition to the south facing paved and grassed play areas. A few years ago pupils designed our Ready Steady Grow Zone which we use creatively to present pupils with fun and collaborative challenges.  We have recently added two outdoor table tennis tables to the playground and two table footballs.  A successful lottery bid enabled us to put up an innovative sun/shade sail in the playground to provide some much needed shade and an additional outdoor learning space.


We have an allotment where pupils can grow all sorts of produce and our very own biodome, which is in effect a mini Eden in which we can grow all sorts of exotic and tropical produce.  We also have a firepit, where we cook and learn stories, all in the hope of making learning more memorable for pupils.

We work relentlessly to ensure our school is a happy and enthusiastic place where all members of our community can continue to grow, develop and learn in our quest to be life-long learners.