School is open for pupils from 8.35 am every morning so that pupils have the opportunity for positive social time with classmates or staff before the start of the first lesson at 8.50 promptly. Pupils in years 5 and 6 enter by the top end gates of the school. Year 3 & 4 pupils enter by the gate at the other end of the school adjacent to the entrance to the school field and next to the Infant School.

A typical week for a pupil at SIJS might be as follows:

We believe pupils learn more effectively in the morning which is why we timetable lunch at 12.45 making for a longer morning in comparison to the afternoon.  Many pupils choose to bring healthy tuck into school to eat at break time so that they are not hungry during the morning.  Others prefer to but something from our healthy tuck shop, where we sell everything at cost.

The Hive (our school library) is open every day before school from 8.25 a.m, staffed by our librarians.  It also open and staffed everyday after school from 3.15 until 3.45 pm.

After school, teachers and some support staff run after school clubs, all of which are free for pupils.  After school clubs start immediately after the end of the school day (3.15 pm) and finish at 4.15 pm.  Clubs change termly and an example of the clubs which were on offer at SIJS school recently can be seen below:


Pupils are expected to wear school uniform everyday.  School sweatshirts (round neck or hoodies) with the school logo on are available from the office.  The rest of our uniform is simple so that it easy to follow:

  • white polo tops
  • black / grey trousers or skirts
  • black sensible shoes (no boots of any kind)

For PE, pupils wear:

  • a white t-shirt
  • black shorts
  • and black plimsols (children whose feet are too large to buy plimsols may wear trainers)