Y6 Presents…Macbeth and Hamlet!

From fact-finding treasure hunts to learning around the fire pit, year 6 have been totally immersed in the life, times and works of the great ‘Bard’, William Shakespeare. We were all amazed to discover how many of his sayings and words have stood the test of time! For instance, ‘Knock, knock, who’s there?’ ‘Vanish into thin air,’ and ‘In a pickle,’ are all phrases which have been around for over 400 years! Incredibly, pupils rehearsed and performed versions of either Macbeth or Hamlet in just one day. To learn a ‘play in a day’ required resilience and teamwork and every single member of year 6 rose to the challenge and performed magnificently. Both final performances of Macbeth and Hamlet were met with enthusiastic, excited applause and for the SIJS audience, it was certainly a case of, ‘All’s well that ends well!’

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