Y5 Trevaskis Farm

Finding out about where food comes from is hard work, but Year 5 were up for the challenge! Exploring the 28 acres of Trevaskis Farm, searching for the tastiest strawberries, raspberries and apples, pupils showed super stickability and had a great time. We discovered that salt from the sea can burn the plants on the farm and that the breed of pigs on the farm is the British Lop. We made sure we had plenty of time to visit the many animal residents on the farm, taking time to feed them crunchy carrots. Our favourites were the adorable piglets, who were only a few weeks old. Visiting the shop, we learnt more about the different fish and meat sold in there (even getting a sneak peek into the butcher’s freezer). If you want to know more about the buying local food, ask Year 5 what they found out.

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