Y5 National Maritime Visit

To where did Vikings travel? What items did they trade? How did they make coins?

Excitingly, Year 5 discovered the answers to all of these questions and much more during our recent visit to the National Maritime Museum Cornwall, in Falmouth. We enjoyed two workshops that furthered our understanding of the Viking Age.

Exploring the museum, we were given the opportunity to learn through many exhibits, get ‘hands on’ with a real lifeboat and life-raft as well as witness a boat-builder in action. The ‘look-out tower’ and the ‘tidal zone’ were firm favourites, wowing us with not only panoramic views of Falmouth but also the chance to come face to face with underwater creatures!

What an outstanding day of learning for all the children and adults alike. We hope the photos give you an insight into what a brilliant day we had.

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