Y3 Eden & Plymouth 2017

On Thursday 15th June, pupils in year 3 set off on an epic adventure in a double decker bus to discover more about ‘Habitats’! Arriving at the Eden project, pupils explored two contrasting habitats: rainforest and Mediterranean and were fascinated by the variety of plants and their amazing properties, as well as the lizards and the rainforest birds. After crossing the Tamar for tea at Pizza Hut in Plymouth (with ice-cream to finish) pupils headed to Plymouth aquarium for an immersive marine experience. There they found out many interesting and disgusting facts about many different marine creatures. Did you know for example that a sea cucumber eats poo? Or that a sea urchin makes it’s bed out of a massive sneeze? The last stop of the night was the shark tank, where pupils even managed to get a glimpse of Friday, the new Green Turtle at the aquarium.

Pupils then set up sleeping bags and settled down in front of the main tank for ‘Finding Dory’ accompanied by midnight snacks.  The next morning, after packing up and eating breakfast in the cafe, pupils set off for Plymouth Pavilions for an ice-skating extravaganza, making rapid progress with virtually everybody able to skate without using the wall by the end of the session.

What a fantastic experience for all. Thank you year 3 for your enthusiasm and positivity throughout!

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