World Book Day 2018

Monday 5th March was World Book Day at SIJS. Teachers paired up to teach exciting lessons and pupils moved around throughout the day in mixed-age groups.

Ms Rogers and Mrs B chose the picture book ‘Leaf’ by Sandra Dieckmann. This beautiful story tells how a lost polar bear is treated when he accidentally ends up far from home. Thank goodness for the crows, who noticed that he wasn’t scary – he was lonely and sad! In year 3 and 4, we made crows out of circles of paper, whilst years 5 and 6 made origami ones. We then wrote on them the crows’ personal attributes: kindness, tolerance. generosity etc. Let’s all be more crow!

Mr Cooley & Mr Luke chose Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson as inspiration. After listening to a synopsis of the story it was time for the children’s own adventure! In small groups the children had to show real collaboration to find all the clues hidden around the school which would lead them to buried treasure! Piecing together the words they uncovered along the way gave them a secret quote related to Treasure Island and with this they discovered Captain Flint’s hidden treasure!

Miss Wilson and Miss Bowen read the well known story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ about a young African girl. SIJS pupils had a go at making their own fruit surprises. Pupils had the chance to create their own baked bananas filled with marshmallows and chocolate – what a treat! Whilst patiently waiting for our bananas to bake we had a go at solving some tricky fruit related riddles and thought about the origins of some more exotic fruits.

Mr Jane and Mr Bowden looked at the Brazilian legend of Mufameira, diving into the rainforest to learn about sustainability and respecting the natural world around us. The story follows Adao and his two friends, who become greedy and begin to cut down masses of the forest. The forest fights back, which results in Adao planting new trees for the rest of his life, then turning into a spirit of the forest. To show our understanding, we created flowers out of recyclable products to combine to create our own mufameira forest, as well as using wax crayons to create our own toucans.

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