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Universal entitlement and inclusion underpins the school’s philosophy and as of May 2017, 86 different pupils have represented the school across eleven different sports in 47 different fixtures, tournaments and races.

Over the course of the year, 29 pupils have been in school teams which have qualified to represent the district or the county in either cross country, swimming or hockey.
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Sports Premium Funding has been used to pay for additional coaching in

  • swimming
  • rugby
  • surfing
  • cricket
  • dance
  • and outdoor education

We have also doubled the number of swimming lessons that each year group can access with specialist swimming teachers, addressing an immediate safeguarding need given our proximity to the ocean.

Participation in sporting after-school clubs, from gymnastics to athletics, football to frisbee, has remained high and resources have been purchased as required to maximise skill development. Our year 6 pupils have been trained to support and supervise lunchtime physical activities for younger pupils, and any equipment or resources required have been funded through the use of the sports premium.

We aim to sustain many of our improvements. Having so many children represent the district or the county competitively will motivate others as we have seen with hockey in particular The sports equipment purchased this year will also be used next year to increase pupil participation.

We have signposted pupils to local sports clubs and built stronger relationships with the local rugby, football and cricket clubs in particular. Having teachers work alongside sports coaches ensures sustainability in the medium to longer term and also provides staff with immediate practical ideas and subject knowledge as well as the confidence to move pupils on in their learning.


Description2013/14 (Actual)2014/15 (Actual)2015/16 (Actual)2016/17 (Actual)2017/18 (Budget)2018/19 (Budget Summer Only)
TOTAL INCOME£9,170£9,125£9,180£9,200£9,200£0
Skate Workshop£0£600£360£0£0£600
Sports Coach£821£777£300£485£1500£500
Sports Equipment£190£551£2,897£733£3000£1000
Transport and Entry to Sports Tournaments£729£708£370£225£750£250
TOTAL EXPENDITURE£8,056£9,127£6,490£5,281£12,550£4,400
NET (OVER) / UNDERSPEND£1,114-£2£2,690£3,919-£3350-£4400
BALANCE AT START OF YEAR£0£1,114£1,112£3,802£7,721£4371
BALANCE AT END OF YEAR£1,114£1,112£3,802£7,721£4,371-£29

PE Premium- Fencing 01_250x187PE Premium- Surfing 02_250x187









In July 2016 we conducted a survey to gauge pupils participation in sport.  Our findings, including the participation of pupils entitled to pupil premium funding, can be seen below.

We aim, over the next year, to increase the percentage of pupils participating in after school sports clubs and also hope to inspire even greater numbers of pupils to join sports clubs outside of school.

63% (149 out of 235) pupils on roll regularly attended after school sports clubs (74 boys and 75 girls) during the 2015-16 academic year.

30% of those pupils (45) who regularly attended school sports clubs were pupils entitled to pupil premium funding.

The number of children attending regularly each sports club:

Year 5/6 Football: 31 pupils
Year 3/4 Football: 33 pupils
Girls’ Football: 28 pupils
Hockey: 33 pupils
Fitness: 19 pupils
Netball: 44 pupils
Yoga: 21 pupils
Basketball: 14 pupils
Athletics: 26 pupils
Rounders: 51 pupils
Cricket: 23 pupils
Table Tennis: 19 pupils

Over the course of the 2015-16 academic year, 94 pupils at SIJS (40% of the whole school) represented the school competitively.  Of the 94 pupils, 23 (25%) were Ever6 children. We competed against other schools in:  Football (Y5/6, Y3/4 and Girls), Hockey, Swimming, Tag Rugby, Cross County, Netball, Athletics and Cricket (Boys and Girls).


  • Our Tag Rugby team and our Boys’ Cricket team qualified from the district tournaments to compete in the county tournaments.
  • Seven Cross Country runners qualified to run in the county finals.
  • Our Year 6 swimming team qualified to represent our area in the finals of the Cornwall School Games.
  • Our Girls’ Football team reached the final of the County Cup competition.
  • Finally, our whole-school Athletics team won the district event.