Parent/Carer Questionnaire

The views of parents/carers are key in ensuring we are held to account and are well informed as to how we can improve the provision at school.

School is closed for a day in March each year to enable us to hold Progress Review Day: an opportunity for in depth learning discussions with pupils and their families.  At Progress Review Day we ask parents and carers to complete a questionnaire, the findings of which are used to tweak our practice.  The results from the Parent/Carer Questionnaire 2018 can be seen below.

My child enjoys school.100%68%32%----
My child feels safe at school.99%81%18%--1%-
My child makes good progress at school.100%75%25%----
My child is well looked after at school.100%86%14%----
My child is taught well at school.100%92%8%----
My child receives appropriate home learning for their age and ability.99%69%30%--1%-
I am clear as to how I can help my child with their learning at home.96%62%35%4%---
Pupils are well behaved in school and make choices based on 'rights' and 'respects'.95%57%39%2%-2%-
The school takes account of children's views.98%58%39%--2%-
The school responds well to any concern I raise.98%73%24%1%-1%1%
The school deals effectively with bullying.78%54%24%5%-17%2%
The school is proactive in helping my child stay safe online.96%75%21%--4%-
The school is well led and managed.99%74%25%--1%-
I feel comfortable about approaching the school with questions, problems or complaints.99%84%14%1%--1%
I receive valuable information from the school about my child's progress.98%65%32%2%---
The termly parents meetings are useful and informative.100%82%18%----
I feel that my child is making progress with PLT (spelling and times tables)98%51%46%1%-1%-
The premises are prioritised and provide a safe and stimulating learning environment for my child, for example The Hive, the Firepit, the garden and the Hub.98%75%23%--2%-
The school's use of Seesaw, Facebook and the website motivate my child to want to share their learning.88%46%42%6%-6%4%
The school makes effective use of technology outside of the school day to enhance pupils' learning, e.g. Mathletics, Spellodrome, Google Classroom, Times Tables Rockstars99%73%26%1%---
There is a good range of interesting and enjoyable after school activities for pupils, including opportunities for competitive sport.99%82%17%--1%-
I would recommend this school to another parent.100%92%8%----
The arrangements for my son or daughter to settle in when they started school were good.100%90%10%----

Parent View

‘Parent View’ is a survey for parents to let Ofsted know what you think about your child’s school. To access the survey CLICK HERE.