The Governors at SIJS

Our role is to ensure that the aims defined in the SIJS Mission and the School Development Plan are the constant focus of achievement for all. In carrying out our strategic leadership responsibilities, we monitor and evaluate progress towards meeting the Mission’s objectives; we challenge and support the Head Teacher and his team of teaching professionals as they strive to deliver even greater performance; we promote lifelong learning for the benefit of every child at SIJS.

Jo Harvey
Parent Governor
Term of office: 5/3/13 – 4/3/17
Finance committee

Lawrence Ford
Vice Chair
Term of office: 24/4/14 – 23/4/18

Jez Kemp
Term of office: 26/2/14 – 25/2/18

Susan Wood
Associate Member
Term of office: 21/3/16 – 20/3/20
Finance committee

Eric Nicholas
LA Governor
Term of office: 12/5/16 – 11/5/20











Juli Hosking
Term of office: 2/7/15 – 1/7/19

Matt Allcock
Term of office: 04/1/10 – 03/1/18

Amelia Ainley
Parent Governor
Term of office: 9/4/16 – 8/4/20

Louise McMahon

Louise McMahon
Term of office: 27/9/16 – 26/9/20

Helen Mason
Term of office: 27/9/16 – 26/9/20










Governor Meeting Attendance

*T&L Focus = Teaching & Learning Focus Group


Former Governors

Name Term of Office
Jodi Scaddan 20/7/15 – 22/7/16
Tony Hollow 10/6/14 – 2/2/16
Suzannah Teagle 21/4/14 – 16/4/17
From time to time opportunities arise to contribute to SIJS as a governor.  If this is of interest to you, please contact Mrs Prescott in the office who will pass on your details to Jo Harvey, our Chair of Governors.

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Parent/Carer Questionnaire Results 2016

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Annual Governance Statement – July 2016

In accordance with government requirements, the 3 core functions of our governing body are:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  2. Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and it’s pupils;
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure there is value for money.

Governance Arrangements
The governing body was reconstituted in 2015, in line with government guidelines. Our governing body is now made up of 2 staff governors (including the headteacher), 2 parent governors, 1 local authority governor, 5 co-opted governors (including 1 associate member with voting rights in the Finance Committee).

Governing Body Structure
We have a full governing body meeting at least once a term and twice in the Autumn term.

We also have a Teaching and Learning Focus Group which meets once a term to look at the School Improvement Plan progress, data and subject monitoring reports in greater detail. This is still made up of the whole governing body.

There is a Finance Committee and  Headteacher Performance Management Committee.

There is a Personnel Committee and Appeals Committee that meets when needed.

Working parties are also set up when the need arises.

Governors have excellent attendance at meetings and we have never cancelled a meeting because it was not ‘quorate’(the number of governors needed to ensure that legal decisions can be made).

Governors’ individual attendance can be seen at the top of this page.

Work and Impact of the Governing Body
Tony Hollow and Jodi Scaddan left the governing body this year, and we are very grateful for their dedication and commitment.

We have welcomed 2 new governors onto the team this year. One parent governor (Milly Ainley) and one co-opted (Eric Nicholas). Details of all individual governors are at the top of this page.

All governors have done at least the Part 1 Induction Training for governorship, and many have done additional training sessions.

Safeguarding is always a priority for the governing body and is on the agenda at every meeting. There is a safeguarding governor –(Jo Harvey) who meets with Mr Allcock and Ms Teagle regularly.

This year the school took part in the Schools Health and Education Survey. The results were extremely interesting and were carefully analysed by staff and governors and have been used to shape the school’s Personal, Social and Health Education Curriculum.

Governors analysed and responded to the Parent/Carer questionnaire. This was extremely positive and has led to the setting up of an online payment system at the school. (Results and the letter from the Chair of Governors can be seen on the school website.)

Governors help to shape and then monitor the School Improvement Plan which focuses on the priorities for the year. (A copy can be seen on the website.) Governors regularly visit the school to review progress against targets agreed in the plan. This may entail meetings with the head teacher and/or subject leaders, and some times observing learning in the classroom. Additionally some governors choose to help out with reading, attend meetings of the pupil council and attend the ‘brainy breakfast’ sessions. Jo Harvey sat in on a governor’s meeting at St Ives Infant School and an Infant School governor came to one of ours, as part of an initiative to foster stronger links between the two schools.

Amidst much national controversy the governing body has tried to support the staff with the new SATs and new scaled scores that were introduced this year. The initial results are looking very positive, but they will be examined in great depth over the coming months in order to help shape the new School Improvement Plan.

Governors  have worked with the headteacher on reducing staff turnover this year, and are delighted that all staff are staying with us for another year.

Governors approved the 2016/17 budget, and we are pleased to report that we are bucking the national trend and the school remains in a financially healthy position. This will continue to be regularly monitored by the Finance Committee.

Governors approved several large upgrades to the premises in line with our desire to create an inspirational and modern environment for learning. These included upgrading ceilings and lighting in classrooms, purchasing the biodome, upgrading our vegetable area with a polytunnel, table tennis and table football for the playground; and new playground furniture was provided by FOSIJS. We also invested in updating our computer equipment so as to be a school for 21st century – new iPads, Chromebooks and faster WiFi.

Looking to the Future
We are constantly striving to improve as a school and a governing body. Governors will be looking at ways to improve our impact and accountability in the coming year. We look forward to working closely with staff and pupils again.

We will support Mr Allcock and the Senior Leadership Team to update the School Improvement Plan early next year, following in depth analysis of whole school data.

Constant changes in government policies mean the governing body will be looking at all developments and considering what leads to the best outcomes for our children.

How to Contact the Governing Body
We always welcome suggestions, feedback and ideas from parents. You can contact Jo Harvey –the Chair of Governors- via the school office. We also try to have governors at school events and Open days.

Thanks to everyone for a very enjoyable and successful year at SIJS.