Overview of Attainment at the end of Key Stage 2, 2017

The government has abolished national curriculum levels and pupils’ attainment is now measured using scaled scores.  The scaled score range runs from 80 to 120 with 100 as the expected standard.

Percentages of pupils attaining the expected standard of a scaled score of 100+

*English Grammar and Punctuation, Spelling

Comparison of attainment at end of key stage 2

Comparison over time of average scaled scores at SIJS

Comparison of SIJS average scaled scores to the national

Floor Standards
The government floor standard for attainment is 65% of pupils meeting the expected standard in Reading, Maths and in the teacher assessment of Writing.

*National figures for 2016:  53%            **National figures for 2017:  61%            

Indicative figure for Cornwall: 58.5%

Teacher assessment of writing

To download a comparison of percentages achieved at SIJS for KS2 level 4 & 5 (2009-2015) CLICK HERE

Department for Education- St Ives Junior School statistics